Single Mom’s Journey through Retreats

May 14, 2024by MFS Admin0


Almost 30- 35% of Mindfully Sorted‘s women community consists of empowered single mothers.

Even if they are well-educated and financially independent, almost every single mom grapples with grief, loneliness, guilt, abandonment, or trauma and bears the heavy burden of being the primary parent.
The journey is filled with triumphs and trials.

5 things that our research and evidence showed helped single mothers improve their emotional hygiene

1) Time off:  24 hours are less for a single mom, with work, caregiving, running additional errands, and managing finances, there is no time to breathe or self-reflect. Taking breaks, even if for 1-2 days to spend some time thinking about where you’ve been, emotionally and psychologically helps significantly in managing emotional wellbeing.

2) Optimism: A conscious effort to stay positive, and learn ways to avoid the habit of ruminating on negative events. It’s an effort and trying out different ways to stay positive helps build resilience over time. Meditation, journaling, reflecting on accomplishments, and avoiding toxic people are a few ways.

3) Adventure: One of the best ways to avoid negative loops and boost self-esteem is to plan some surprises and adventures. Staying outdoors in nature, doing things that you never did with your children, and pushing your physical and mental limits through fun activities are great ways to stay upbeat.

4) Growing Money: Earning money is one thing, growing your money is another ball game. Learn to manage your financials and grow your money using various tools. This brings overall security and comfort to the family

5) Pay attention to emotional pain: If you feel hurt for more than a few days, take notice and resolve to treat your psychological wound. Don’t numb or ignore your pain!

Of course, having a great group of women’s scouts who cheer for you makes a world of difference for single moms.

At Mindfully Sorted, we are happy to be part of this journey through our retreats, community, counselling programs for many single moms who find it safe and a non-judgemental space to be..

PS: Pic is for attention only. Few mother-daughter pairs who joined our retreats over time.

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