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We strive to bring together the finest experts, practises, and research materials in the most convenient, simple, and affordable ways to help you sort your mind.

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Mindfully Sorted is passionate and committed to integrating everything related to 'Mind Matters' under one platform, creating a well-integrated hub with the most effective mind practises. We aim to make mental health practises accessible to everyone for a well-rounded and happy society.
Our Vision

We aim to be India’s largest Preventive Mental Health Platform, bringing the ecosystem together to help every working adult reach their true potential.

Our Mission

We will the ‘catalyst’ to normalise seeking help in Indian working adults, making it affordable, objective and preventive. We want to bring tech enabled solutions contextualising with Indian socio-psychological awareness.


Why We Exist?

Wondering What is Mental Health? What Do We Do? Who Are We?

WHO defines mental health as a state of well-being in which an individual best realizes his or her abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively, and can contribute to his or her community. However, modern times have seen mental well-being reduced to myriad misconceptions and gross malpractices.

At Mindfully Sorted, we focus beyond just mental health, on behavioral health which refers to how day-to-day behaviors impact emotional, mental, social, and physical well-being. We take a preemptive approach to mental health, addressing issues before they develop into more critical challenges and providing support anywhere, at any time.

Sarmistha Mazumder

Founder, CEO, Mindfullysorted

To stay focussed, we will target our solutions towards the adults within the age group of 21 – 60 years and belonging to urban/semi-urban Indian or similar to Indian communities. Our tech-enabled solutions, a curated panel of counselors, and research-based solutions help organizations and individuals to transform and reach their optimum potential.

As an HR practitioner for the last 15+ years, Sarmistha Mazumder has tirelessly worked on her idea actively since 2015, observing, learning, and experimenting in the field of emotional well-being. She believes that Indian (and similar) society needs to proactively be more aware and address the importance of expressing and caring for our thoughts and feelings. Her vision is to shape ‘Mindfully Sorted ‘ as a catalyst and change-maker in the space of emotional well-being for Indian Society.

She is supported by Mridu Das, Co-Founder of Automovill Technologies, as a strategic partner and co-founder.

How We Will Help?

Self-help: With our content, videos, webinars, assessments and tools, we help you to find your own way to explore your mind.
Workshops: Join group interventions, to learn various practises and how they are used to improve mental health.
Trusted experts: Talk to the most trusted experts across India. Express in your mother tongue, seek help whenever you need. We also do one session therapy just to sort your mind when you are stuck.
Still not sure? Just connect with us through chat or email. We will speak to you in detail to understand your problem and guide you with the best options.
Counselling Psychologist

Prionka Ray

Therapy, Counselling...
PhD. Counselling Psychologist, 25+ Years

Dr Sangeeta Goswami

President of MIND India
Clinical Psychologist

Sandeepa Kaur

Family, Couple Therapy...

Meet our Network of Mind Experts

Our network of providers cover a range of specialities to meet your specific needs. Get matched today!
Sleep Disorders
Anxiety & Stress
Couple Therapy
Eating disorders
Anger management
Childhood abuse
Trauma & grief
Career Shifts
Work Stress
Family conflict and more...

Building a curated platform for India's best Mind Experts

Visible Growth: We provide a safe space, leveraging technology where experts can connect with clients.
Client Confidentiality: No recordings or confidential data captured. We only assess on client feedback to share for improvements
Better Traction: Easy way to provide session notes to clients, conduct assessments, and track progress
Client Match Working on an AI-based therapist match to help you find your suitable clients for long term engagement
Personal Privacy Free chats without sharing personal details like email and phone number
Teamwork You can refer to other trusted experts if required like psychometric assessors, yoga, meditation, expressive art, psychiatrist and track progress as a team
Professional Connects Grow as a counsellor, avail access to discuss your cases and find better ways with India's leading experts
Brand Building We help in your brand building through social media engagements, online courses, videos, blogs and other content creation modes

Helping Organisations Transform and Build a Positive Growth Mindset

Surveys Employee Surveys, Emotional Wellbeing Assessments
Annual Behavioural Health Planner Workshops, Programs, Engagements, Knowledge recourses, retreats
Workshops Customized programs for a resilient culture building
Leadership Interventions for transformation
Diversity and Inclusion Interventions and support
One-on-One counselling Support
Mind Gifts and Mind Games for positive reinforcements
Insights and reports