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We strive to make professional mental health support more accessible, relatable, and stigma-free…


Take a quick assessment and get an idea for sorting your mind to further your wellness journey.

Mind Retreats

Curated programs by mind experts with all-inclusive packages to travel to offbeat destinations to heal.

Mind Experts

We help individuals find the most suitable experts for one-on-one counselling and coaching.

Online Courses

Learn anytime, anywhere, from our mind experts through carefully curated online courses.

Counselling Psychologist

Prionka Ray

Therapy, Counselling...
PhD. Counselling Psychologist, 25+ Years

Dr Sangeeta Goswami

President of MIND India
Clinical Psychologist

Sandeepa Kaur

Family, Couple Therapy...

Meet our Network of Mind Experts

Our team of trusted mind coaches cover a range of specialities so that we can sort through any problem you face. Get matched today!
Sleep Disorders
Anxiety & Stress
Couple Therapy
Eating disorders
Anger management
Childhood abuse
Trauma & grief
Career Shifts
Work Stress
Family conflict and more...
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Why Mindfully?

Ethical Practises - No Duplicitous Packages, No hidden costs - only Verified Experts with proven ability.
Personalised approach to services based on your need, language preference, mode, budget and time.
Relationship Building
Beyond Talk Therapy - Integrated Approach for long term benefits. Easy switch between experts.
Hassle-free Schedule
Eliminate useless commute time and scheduling hassles with easy access.

What We Care For

Making professional therapy accessible
  • Self-Care
  • Pre-Marital Counselling
  • Post-Partum Counselling
  • Stress Management
  • Couple Counselling


Self-Care is anything that can provide the overall betterment of health. It includes physical health, hygiene, and good nourishment of the mind and body. Self-care can be facilitative of a good mood and calmer presence.

Our approach is to provide a preventive model of well-being where-in you access therapeutic interventions for not a particular issue but for better wellbeing and a positive mindset.


Pre-Marital Counselling

Pre-marital counseling can involve identifying and exploring your partner’s past and your understanding of them through it. It can facilitate strong relationship growth and a robust connection between partners.

We want to help you set foot into this new stage of your relationship journey with nothing but support and understanding of the varied standpoints of the clients. The goal ultimately is to encourage good communication and strengthen compatibility.


Post-Partum Counselling

Post-Partum Counselling involves creating group and family support for new mothers. It is about respecting women’s needs in this time and providing information on post-natal care for anxious mothers.

We tailor specific interventions depending on the individual mother. Every woman’s experience is different from childbirth to caretaking. It is important that they are given enough space to live their individual experiences.


Stress Management

Stress is a very real part of everyday living. While some stress can be facilitative excessive stressed state can leave people anxious and lead to an unhealthy cycle of habits.

Preventive interventions along with individual approaches is our ultimate goal. Everybody has their own stress level and reasonings. Our experts provide individual relaxation and de-stressing activities for you.


Couple Counselling

Couples counseling aims for couples to have a different perspective on their relationship in case of conflict issues. Couples counseling can aid in better communication between partners and reiterating the strengths in the relationship.

The goal of couples counseling is to decrease emotional avoidance and change dysfunctional behavior. We promote the strengthening of relationships as it can help partners see the enjoyment in each other’s company and shift the negative focus.

So much more aware- “Mindfully Sorted connected me to my expert, Dr. Sangeeta, with whom I immediately bonded. She helped me to understand my patterns i operate and react to. She slowly should me ways to break the clogs."
Ravi, Bhuvaneshwar
My sessions with my expert, Grishma, opened my mind towards counselling. I think I should have reached out for help much earlier to avoid the sufferings. I am a much happier person today.
Ritu, Dubai
Excellent insightful session with Dr. Sowmya. She could get into the depth of the issues we generally face and ask very relevant questions for us to introspect.
Shreya, Bangalore
I loved the webinar it was a perfect balance of concepts and case studies. Never a dull moment! Lots of practical ideas which I will be implementing in my day to day life while interacting with employees. Dr Sangeeta is a brilliant trainer, very engaging. Hope to attend more webinars on such topics in future.
Grishma, Mumbai
It was really a comfortable environment with practical things which we can try and very friendly interactive session. Looking forward to more sessions like this.
Kanika, Bangalore
Grief workshop was insightful. Interactive aspect was the best part. Worry workshop was great.
Meera, Delhi
Really eye opening in terms of how my own behavior is affected by my own thoughts. It is really important to recognize and take conscious actions.
Riya, Delhi
The session helped me identify my triggers and the problems and the repeating patterns. It also helped me engage better with my family and take good care of myself. Sandeepa Ma'am is a very skilled psychologist and ever since I've started my sessions,I can feel the positive changes in my life.
Sneha, Bangalore
All sessions very informative & gives insight how face the situation. If possible would like to attend live sessions...
Kishore, Mumbai
The best part was awareness on mental health which is a need of the hour.
Akansha, Delhi
The best part for me personally was how to detach myself from triggers and to do the necessary to re focus myself. I enjoyed everyone's session but Particularly enjoyed Ms Syeda's session.
Shreya, Mumbai
Everything was very well charted from start to end. The practical techniques shared shall be very handy so will Dr Avinash D'souza's inputs
Shruti, Lucknow

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