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” I’m a silent person in group but like to say that it’s shaping me little by little…
I am also joining the upcoming retreat…
I’m got Richa as a good friend here
Kirthi handholding to improve my diets…
Just wanted to give gratitude 🙏”
“Dear @⁨Sarmistha⁩ , all – I just want to thank you all for the questions asked , responses shared on this platform.

It feels good and supportive at so many levels. 🙏🙏💕”
Yeah I have been reading since morning and am amazed to know so many of you here . It takes only a brave heart to handle such situations and circumstances thrown by life and people around . We don’t have to go far to find motivation and inspiration. It’s here … Around us only ….. Deeply touched by this group and the energy of this group . Hearty thanks to Mindfully Sorted Community⁩ ❤️
We all need to do our best to make life safe and better for next generation – of both men and women. To coexist with love , passion and love healthier lives. ❤️
This group is such a fantastic step towards that . Thanks to Mindfully Sorted

It is heart warming to see how our community is blossoming.
Bringing together women who are like minded and finding a safe space to share, express and learn from each other.
From online , it is now extended offline, with members finding comfort in meeting each others for potluck, coffee, movies and discussions.

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