Mindfully Declutter - Women’s Retreat

Have you been juggling with too much on your plate? Are you 'busy like a bee' and still figuring out where all these are heading? Then this retreat will turn around your life forever!!

Explore your inner-self in midst of nature and art

Join Mindfully Sorted's 4th women's retreat, a safe space to express, share, unlock your emotions, move from clutter to clarity, and flourish together. This time we explore the theme of "Mindfully Declutter" using art as a medium.

Splash some colours into your life to rejuvenate

For many of us, when we think of art, we tend to think it’s not for us. Perhaps you think you aren’t very creative, did not hold a paintbrush in years but there’s more to it than merely being ‘good at drawing.’ To participate in the art-based retreat, you do not need any prior experience with art or a ‘natural’ artistic ability. The process itself is one of exploration with no ‘wrongs’ and no ‘rights.’ Art as a therapy infuses psychology with the freedom of expression using colors and creativity.
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Key Takeaways :

Finding and expressing your subconscious thoughts, understanding your feelings, existing patterns and mindset
DISCOVER SIMPLE STRATEGIES using art-based techniques to overcome your mental clutter, process unresolved conflicts
GAIN CLARITY AND FOCUS so you can be more productive in all aspects of your life
Feel motivated with a CLEAR PLAN OF ACTION to keep your mind decluttered for the long haul
Learn Meditation and Mindfulness techniques in midst of nature to calm your negative thoughts and overworked mind

Dr. Anupama Bajaj

Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Anupama Bajaj who is a doctorate in psychology with 13+ years of experience as a behavioral counselor. She is a certified Art Therapist, using it in her counselling practice as well as teaching in various colleges like IIPR, and Monfort. She is focused on personal growth and well-being for individuals.

Find all the details of the program below:

Program Details : 

Travel dates :

Onwards: Saturday, 30th July, Early Morning

Return – Sunday 3 PM, Post Lunch

Accommodation :

Chukki Mane is a delightful getaway on the banks of the River Kaveri. A lush green eco-friendly holiday stay-in, it has cottages with rustic thatched roofs and colorful rooms set in a stone building. Get first-hand knowledge about rural living, and organic farming, along with bullock-cart rides and many other activities that might be your first-time rural experience. Right from the herbs to the rice, enjoy the fresh produce that has been grown locally at Chukki Mane’s farmland.

The cool breezes over River Cauvery, the various rhythmic sounds made by the birds, and the green plantations make it an ideal place to release your stress after your hectic urban life.

 A glimpse of stay : https://www.chukkimane.com/chukki-mane/ 


The Experience Includes :

Village style eco-stay in midst of nature, healthy farm to fork organic veg food
Travel arrangements from Bangalore if required
All meals, tea/coffee, no additional cost

Working on ourselves has never been more fun! Mark your calendar and join us as we Flourish together.

The seats are limited, enroll today to avail early bird discounts.