Fighting Stress in COVID Times

February 14, 2022by Raashi Thakran0

This virus that is keeping us contained in our homes, no one can ascertain for how long, is already altering our relationship with the government, the outside world, even with each other. Read more to learn a few quick ways to overcome these stressful situations.

Coronavirus. It is impossible to go online or browse through the news without hearing about it. Covid-19 is a global pandemic that has entire nations in a frenzy. This virus that is keeping us contained in our homes, no one can ascertain for how long, is already altering our relationship with the government, the outside world, even with each other. I am not here to add to the chaos, all of us are already very scared. In times like these, your mental well-being is bound to go for a toss, and trust me you are not alone.

The future is uncertain, we don’t know how long this will last. All we can do is stack up on trustworthy sources and follow their advice. We aim to flatten the curve and that can only be done by conscious collective efforts.

Here are some ways that we can fight Corona-Stress and become more aware!

  1. Knowledge is Power!**The best way for us to help in this situation is to make sure that we avoid spreading misinformation and mindless rumors. It is important to have the correct information from reliable resources to manage our anxiety. Refrain from spreading false news within your circle and if you see someone else doing it, call them out. Empower yourself and others with facts, not fiction.

  2. Remember to switch off for a while.* Social media and almost every news channel are talking about the outbreak right now. While it is very important to keep up and stay aware, remember to tune out from time to time and give your mind some space to unwind. Listen to a podcast or an audiobook to help calm you down.

  3. Read more books!* This is more of a personal agenda. Most of us are stuck at home but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. I am personally trying to get around to reading as many books as I can during this time. In fact, I am doing a small reading challenge on Instagram and I dare you to do it with me. Head on over to my account and let’s do this together!

  4. Stick to a routine.* I cannot emphasize how important it is to have a routine. These are stressful times and for people who are already struggling with their mental health, it can make things worse. Not having a proper schedule is bound to make you feel lethargic and will invariably increase anxiety. Make sure you get up on time and make your bed, create a morning routine for yourself, eat a healthy breakfast. If you are working from home, make sure you work at the same hours you normally would. Replace your gym with a home workout and stay connected with yourself.

  5. Reinvent yourself.** Take this time to introspect, play your favorite instrument, sing, dance, paint. Cultivate your interests and surround yourself with feel-good vibes.

  6. Social distancing does not mean emotional distancing
. * It is obvious that it can get pretty lonely at home for a lot of us. Make sure that you stay connected with the world. Call up your friends and chat with them. Use this opportunity to spend some quality time with your family.

  7. Volunteer to help.* Volunteering does not mean you have to be at the forefront. You can volunteer to get groceries for the elderly if you are stepping out to get yours. You can offer support online by signing petitions, reporting false information, creating online safe spaces for various communities, or just hearing someone out who might be in distress. Remember, we are all in this together. It is up to all of us to collectively spread cheer, encouragement, and love.

  8. Practice Gratitude! * Finally, don’t forget to be mindful and grateful for where you are right now. You are within the comforts of your home with a roof over your head, you are lucky enough to even have the option of working from home while so many including doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals are out there fighting for us. You are safe, your loved ones are healthy – acknowledge your privilege.

We wish to hear from you now! How are you taking care of yourself during this time? How are you looking out for each other? What resources are you finding useful right now? Feel free to share it with us in the comment section below and we will add it to our list of resources!

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