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Empower Your Voice, Empower Yourself
Exclusively for Women | Online Program

Date: Sunday, 21st April, 2024
Time: 8.00 PM IST - 9.30 PM IST

Do you feel the same way either at workplace or home?

👉… Your voice don’t have authority at your workplace , don't have the impact that you want

👉 … Are often interrupted in your speaking, feel your words aren't landing to your listeners

👉… Don't speak up during crucial moments, fearing what if ....

👉… Want to find your sisterhood, where every part of you can be valid, worthwhile with deep connections

👉… Want to reclaim the power of your voice in the most effortless, playful way!

From Silence to Power: Own Your Voice Program Welcomes You to Find Your Voice!

Feel your truth. Clearly. No doubts about whether this is the right decision or the right thing to do – you know how to communicate it confidently. You can have the most difficult conversations full of self-confidence, your confidence will actually increase as a result – Queen Mode on!

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1) The true essence of owning your voice

2) How a small change in mindset can lead to a big increase in your confidence

3) Different techniques for inserting your point into an ongoing conversation

4) How to use the “questioning” technique to change minds and influence decision-making.


    Dr. Ramya Ranganathan

    Leadership Coach, Adj Faculty, IIM Bangalore
    Ph.D (London Business School) | MBA (IIMA) | B.Tech (IITM)

    She has impacted over 10,000 participants worldwide through her coaching and workshops over the past decade. This program is specially curated by her with years of research and training to craft happy and meaningful career, uniquely blending logical left-brained reasoning with intuitive right-brained reflection. Dr. Ramya has extensively researched and focused on human potential, performance, and happiness, the fundamentals of human thriving.

    From nature walks to tree-talking, from heartfelt guffaws to cleansing tears, from deep meditation to child-like wonder, from sharing light-hearted moments to heavy life stories, from simple actions to complex recalibrations, this retreat had it all. A transformative experience like no other! I went in with almost no expectations other than to find an opportunity to look inwards. It turned out to be so much more. With each activity, layers of limiting beliefs got peeled off and I made more and more sense of my own inner agitation. I found ways to accept myself that I had not explored before. I am so grateful to the wonderful group of people whom I met. We held each other in a safe space that felt comforting and secure. Cheers and power to all of you.
    Dr. Soumya Sreehari, Senior Consultant (Retreat Participant )
    The sessions and the group amplified the need for celebrating small gains instead of lamenting over the fictional gaps! I enjoyed the visioning exercise very much and could in the rarest of occasions focus my mind outside of a Math exercise. What the sessions did was help me get closer to "what I want to do" in my life; not necessarily in the professional space but in life itself. The discovery exercise and the 'reflective best self' (which I did a week after) shined on aspects about me that I never considered to be meaningful to myself but was clearly important to the people around me. The 2-day retreat has given a structure to my reflective process and gave the confidence to pursue what I want to do in my life. The possibilities are immense if I work towards it; the flow, the momentum, however small, is the key. Since the retreat, I have made meaningful gains towards the life I want to live and remembered by. It's not easy but its not hard as well.
    Adarsh , Business Development Professional (Retreat Participant )
    DRR 20