HR Leadership Retreat

Uniquely designed Inside -out Immersive Approach to Learn, Grow, Network and Lead a Resilient Workplace using Emotional intelligence, Psychodrama and Expressive Art.

3rd - 5th March | Bangalore

The Journey of Inner- Transformation to Prepare for the "Future of Work"

Designed Based on Principles of Emotional Intelligence, Psychodrama and Expressive Art, this program will help you unfold your own inner- power, build your larger vision to manifest, find balance in your personal and professional goal, and through the process strategise and evolve your organisation strategies.

Unmasking Your Deeper Self with Drama

For many of us, when we think of theatre or drama, we tend to think it’s not for us. But to participate in the Theatre-based retreat, you do not need any prior experience with theatre or any form of art. The process itself is one of exploration with no ‘wrongs’ and no ‘rights.’ Psychodrama is a powerful infusing psychology with the freedom of expression using group performances.
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The Experience Includes :

Village style eco-stay in midst of nature, healthy farm to fork organic veg food
Experience based Immersive Program with 2 Facilitators
All meals, tea/coffee, no additional cost

Working on ourselves has never been more fun! Mark your calendar and join us as we Flourish together.

The seats are limited, enroll today to avail early bird discounts.

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    Key Takeaways :

    Develop a deeper understanding of self - thoughts, emotions, behaviours and actions
    Aligning your Inner-World with Outer Vision , Create a crystal-clear actionable plan to turn 'YOUR' vision into reality in all aspects of life
    Decluttering your Mind , Leave feeling lighter and happier like a child by the end of retreat
    Learn, Share and Brainstorm for new strategies for future of work with an intellectual group of peers for 2 full days
    Be part of a growing community of HR leaders who want to be purpose driven and wisely compassionate

    Renowned Facilitators Dr. Varsha Sreevatsa

    PhD. Psychology, Cognitive Diversity & Total Inclusion Expert

    With over 15+ years of experience in psychology based consulting and assessments for organisations, Varsha will work with the group on emotional intelligence, behavioural transformation to help HR leaders unlock their true potential and design their mental models to be more impactful along with group work on strategies they design for their workplace. 


    Radhika Jain

    Applied Theatre, Psychodrama and Expressive Art Practitioner

    A PhD. holder in Molecular Microbiology from Germany and Internationally Certified Applied Theatre, Expressive Art and Psychodrama Practitioner, she combines science with the performing arts to help individuals to align their mind and body, self-awareness of deep rooted believes, thought patterns, body language, express emotions and find channels to transform and grow from there. She brings the immersive journey of inner-transformation during our retreat, balancing fun and intensity.


    Including 2 Night Stay with All MealsOur Native Village
    Eco- Resort, Hessaraghatta

    45 mins from BIAL Airport

    Our Native Village is a village-themed resort located near Hesaraghatta, Bangalore. Find the sweet and perfect blend of a luxurious hotel and a serene ecosystem

    Our Native Village, located 45 mins from Airport. This 3 Start property is built with a village theme, along with the perfect setting for nature lovers. Rejoice in the peaceful simplicity of the resort, away from the hustle & bustle of the city.