Residential Retreat - 2023Rediscover
Joy @ Work

Uniquely designed and facilitated by Dr. Ramya Ranganathan, this program aims at helping leaders and change-makers accelerate their journey of performance with inner-tranquility and joy.

What if we help you transform your work life?

Is your work your source of happiness? Are you able to work to your full potential? Is your career fulfilling your sense of purpose in life?

While most of us spend a substantial amount of our life 'working', we struggle to derive a sense of happiness and joy through our work life.

What if we help you transform your work life? Help you understand how you can thrive with purpose, infusing elements of joy, and re-design your work life. Discover new ways to grow abundantly, and earn more with less fraught.

Quantum Shift Your Perspectives to
Re-invent 'Yourself'

Designed with proven concepts of neuroscience, mindfulness, Indic wisdom, and behavioral science, this retreat by Mindfully Sorted, a behavioural health platform incubated at NSRCEL, IIMB, will help you identify your thriving factors, and awaken your inner confidence to craft a happy and meaningful career.

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Investment : INR 45000/- All inclusiveThe Experience Includes :

Village style eco-stay in midst of nature, healthy farm to fork organic veg food
Experience based Immersive Program with Dr Ramya
All meals, tea/coffee, no additional cost

Working on ourselves has never been more fun! Mark your calendar and join us as we Flourish together.

The seats are limited, enroll today to avail early bird discounts.

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    Key Takeaways :

    Identify your thrive factors, and awaken your inner confidence to work in the way that lights 'You' up
    Step up with the courage to choose inner sovereignty & find ways to move beyond chronic exhaustion and meaningless grind
    Operate from your zone of genius and get paid abundantly for less, not more hours
    Learn, Share and Brainstorm with an intellectual group of peers for 2 full days, building a tribe to support you in your journey

    Dr. Ramya Ranganathan

    Leadership Coach, Adj Faculty, IIM Bangalore
    Ph.D (London Business School) | MBA (IIMA) | B.Tech (IITM)

    She has impacted over 10,000 participants worldwide through her coaching and workshops over the past decade. This program is specially curated by her with years of research and training to craft happy and meaningful career, uniquely blending logical left-brained reasoning with intuitive right-brained reflection. Dr. Ramya has extensively researched and focused on human potential, performance, and happiness, the fundamentals of human thriving.


    Including 2 Night Stay with All MealsOur Native Village
    Eco- Resort, Hessaraghatta

    45 mins from BIAL Airport

    Our Native Village is a village-themed resort located near Hesaraghatta, Bangalore. Find the sweet and perfect blend of a luxurious hotel and a serene ecosystem

    Our Native Village, located 45 mins from Airport. This 3 Start property is built with a village theme, along with the perfect setting for nature lovers. Rejoice in the peaceful simplicity of the resort, away from the hustle & bustle of the city.